10 Irish Concertina Players You Should Listen To

Irish concertina player

The concertina is one of the most unique sounds in Irish music. It’s particularly associated with Co. Clare, where concertina players were once almost as plentiful as sheep in the Irish countryside. While concertina playing declined during the middle of the 20th century, it has come roaring back. Today, there are plenty of brilliant young … Read more

10 Irish Folk Singers You Should Listen To

Mary Black and Dolores Keane irish folk singers

One of Ireland’s most cherished traditions is singing. From the Irish-language sean-nós (“old style”) to rebel ballads to rowdy drinking songs, Ireland has a rich catalog of folk songs and singers. They tell the story of hundreds of years of laughter and tears, oppression and perseverance, feast and famine. The 1960s folk revival brought a … Read more

10 Irish Flute Players You Should Listen To

The flute is one of the most iconic and popular instruments in traditional Irish music, with many great players. According to Francis O’Neill, who wrote about Irish music at the turn of the 20th century, No musical instrument was in such common use among the Irish peasantry as the flute. O’Neill’s The Flute and Its Patrons is one of … Read more