Best Ukuleles In 2022: Top 10 Acoustic And Electric Ukuleles Worth Trying

Best Ukuleles In 2023: Top 10 Acoustic And Electric Ukuleles Worth Trying

In today’s time, Ukuleles are very popular musical instrument. The craze for the small, easy-to-handle stringed enchanter is getting bigger with time because of its bunch of benefits.

However, finding the best Ukuleles can be overwhelming as plenty of options are available. So, you need some proper research and a whole idea of Ukuleles. Then you’ll be able to choose the right one for you.

To reduce your stress of researching a ton, we’ve created this guide to help you choose the perfect Ukulele for you. The best one on the list is Martin Guitars C1K Acoustic Ukulele.

Stick around to the end if you want more suggestions. Then, not wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Types Of Ukulele

If you’re just starting out with music and looking for the best Ukulele, you must know the types first. There are basically 4 types of Ukuleles available in the market. They’re – Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone Ukulele.

Let’s get a deeper look at them now.


Soprano Ukulele is the smallest and the most acceptable type of Ukulele. It’s also called the ideal Ukulele as the size is perfect. Soprano Ukulele sounds brighter and delivers more top-end sound.

It’s the shortest scale length ukulele of 20 or 21 inches with 12-15 frets. The gap between the frets on the fretboard is minor, so you have less space to move your fingers. 


Concert Ukulele is slightly bigger than Soprano Ukulele. The sound quality adds up a little base. So, you get a deeper sound with Concert Ukulele. 

The scale length of this one is 23 inches with 15-20 frets on the fretboard. Here you’ll get more room for your hand. That’s why Concert Ukulele suits players with bigger hands.


Tenor Ukulele is larger than Concert Ukulele. As the body is wider and bigger, it delivers fuller sound with more base than a Concert. 

This one has a scale length of 26binches with 15-25 frets on the fretboard. The neck area is also broadened here. The tenor ukulele isn’t suitable for beginners. 


The Baritone Ukulele is the biggest Ukulele among all types. It’s an easier transition for the guitar. If you’re planning on shifting to playing guitar anytime soon, you can try this Ukulele. 

It has a scale length of 30 inches with 18 or more frets on the fretboard.

Best Ukuleles In 2022 You Must Consider Trying Once

If you want to play the best, you want something best out of the best in an instrument. So, here we’ve selected the 10 best ukuleles considering type, built quality, sound quality, and more.

1. Martin Guitars C1K Acoustic Ukulele

Best Ukuleles


  • Dimension: 24.4*10.5*6.5 inches
  • Type: Concert Ukulele
  • Built Material: Solid Koa Wood
  • String Material: Martin Strings
  • Acoustic/Electric: Acoustic

Martin guitars have a fan base for great musical instruments, especially guitars. The Martin C1K acoustic ukulele is another great achievement of theirs. 

From the outside, the Ukulele looks like a normal one, but in producing music, it won’t fail to mesmerize you indeed. No matter which type of music you intend to play, Martin C1K is ready to deliver it perfectly.

The body of this Ukulele is constructed with pure Koa wood. That means, in durability, this uke gets a ten on ten. The Mahogany top, back, and sides create the perfect surrounding to deliver rich and bright, high-quality sound.

Tuning this beauty is also simple with the nickel open gear tuners. The strings you’ll get in this uke are Martin strings. You know the string quality well if you’ve used a Martin stringed music accessory.


  • Rigid built quality
  • Smooth lacquered finish
  • Professional sound quality
  • Suitable for continuous jamming
  • Lightweight to carry and easy to handle


  • Not suitable for people with smaller hands


2. Cordoba Guitars 15CM Concert Ukulele

Best Ukuleles


  • Dimension: 24.21*8.31*2.72 inches
  • Type: Concert Ukulele
  • Built Material: Mahogany Wood
  • String Material: Nylon Strings
  • Acoustic/Electric: Acoustic

If you’re a beginner and want to explore with the best uke, Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele is the one for you. It’s the best Ukulele for beginner players. Intermediate players will also love playing this piece.

The Mahogany construction of the overall body of the Ukulele tells us about its strength. The hand-made frame of the uke is another charming attribute of it. Although the frame is rigid, it’s very lightweight to carry and play with. 

Along with the construction qualities Cordoba 15CM Ukulele features Abalone Rosette and Ivoroid binding on the handcrafted body. This piece’s fingerboard is designed specially to distinguish well from other parts. 

You get Nylon strings in this Ukulele with Cordoba silver pearl button tuners. The featured tuners make it easier for you to tune the instrument well. And the string quality with the overall body of the uke produces rich and melodious music.

You can tell the premium features of this Ukulele just by touching it because you’ll experience the sleek satin finish and feel it using your hands. 


  • Strong construction material
  • Premium Nylon Strings produce quality sound
  • Handcraft looks vivid and charming
  • A sleek satin finish makes the Ukulele look smoother and classier
  • Easy to tune with Cordoba silver pearl button tuners


  • Buzzes a little before the tuning sets perfectly

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3. Ranch UK-23 Concert Ukulele

Best Ukuleles


  • Dimension: 24.21*8.31*2.72 inches
  • Type: Concert Ukulele
  • Built Material: Sapele Wood
  • String Material: Nylon Strings
  • Acoustic/Electric: Acoustic

Ranch Concert Ukulele can be considered as the small starter Hawaiian Ukulele set. 

You get the UK-23 Concert Ukulele, a travel zip-up gig bag, an electric clip-on tuner for the uke, an extra set of replacement Aquila strings, a shoulder strap, and a microfiber polishing cloth right in the box.

The Ranch UK-23 Concert Ukulele is constructed with Sapele wood, ensuring a smoother body. Besides, this wood build makes you get a warmer and fuller tune. Next, the Mahogany neck talks about its durability. 

This piece of uke is designed arched back. The arched back assists in strengthening the resonance. So, the music quality is high and more harmonic to enjoy. 

To tune the Ukulele, you get chrome die-cast tuning pegs attached to the head. With the digital tuner, you can easily tune your brand new uke perfectly.

You can attach the strap if you like to rest yourself and the uke is still connected to you. Playing the uke becomes easier by fastening the belt as you get total control over it. 


  • Easy to carry Ukulele with shoulder strap
  • Easy to tune with a digital tuner that runs with batteries
  • Durable yet smooth Nylon strings are easy on the hands
  • Complete kit doesn’t get you the hassle of buying each accessory separately
  • Enough space on the fretboard to move your fingers quickly while playing


  • Unable to produce a bass sound

4. Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Acoustic/Electric Ukulele

Best Ukuleles


  • Dimension: 27.8*14*2.8 inches
  • Type: Concert Ukulele
  • Built Material: Mahogany Wood
  • String Material: Bronze Strings
  • Acoustic/Electric: Electric

When you look at the Luna Tattoo Concert Ukulele, you can tell that it’s designed from traditional Hawaiian body ornamentation. The laser-etched Hawaiian tattoo design in black against the brown body looks elegant indeed.

You could see different geometric patterns and layouts with different shapes and symbols in the tattooed places that tell about the natural island world. 

The body of the Ukulele is made with Mahogany wood. So, you understand how durable the piece would be. Again, the wooden construction allows the uke to produce a clear and resonant sound with a smoother tune.

On the fretboard, you get stylized shark teeth to fret markers. Besides, the finish of the fretboard is done smoothly. That’s why it is so easy to change scales while playing this Ukulele.

The most useful feature of the Luna Tattoo Concert Ukulele is, that it has a built-in preamp that allows you to play the uke as an electric one. It runs with a wafer battery. Then you have a quarter-inch jack plug below to get the instrument electrified.


  • It can be used as Acoustic and Electric 
  • Mahogany-built body is durable
  • The tattooed skin of the uke looks classy and attractive
  • Overall construction boasts about a clear and bright sound
  • Pre-amp works great when it comes to electric Ukulele


  • No digital tuner included

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5. Makala Baritone Mahogany Ukulele

Best Ukuleles


  • Dimension: 32*12*4 inches
  • Type: Baritone Ukulele
  • Built Material: Mahogany Wood
  • String Material: Aquila Super Nylgut Strings
  • Acoustic/Electric: Acoustic

Makala Baritone Mahogany Ukulele is a traditional classic ukulele. As it’s a Baritone Ukulele, it’ll produce more bass sound. Playing this uke, you’ll get an experience; next, you can shift to playing the guitar easily.

The MK-B is one of the finest ukuleles from the Makala classic line. This Ukulele looks simple yet elegant. The Mahogany construction and natural wood color combination make the uke durable as well as eye catchy.

This traditional vintage ukulele has Aquila Super Nylgut Strings that emit soft, warm, and balanced tunes. The walnut fretboard is ornamented with round fret markers and has a smooth finish.


  • Sounds similar to an acoustic guitar
  • Offers a vintage classic look
  • Easy to play and carry along
  • Smooth satin finish
  • Aquila strings are strong enough to bear the heavy play


  • Not suitable for smaller hands

6. Martin Guitar S1 Acoustic Ukulele

Martin Guitar S1 Acoustic Ukulele


  • Dimension: 24.25*10.5*4.75 inches
  • Type: Soprano Ukulele
  • Built Material: Mahogany Wood
  • String Material: Martin Strings
  • Acoustic/Electric: Acoustic

Martin S1 Acoustic Ukulele is a Soprano Ukulele. So, it is the best uke to start your journey with. If you’re looking for a smaller ukulele for your kid or for yourself, this one will suit the small hands the best.

The body of this Ukulele is constructed with pure Mahogany wood. It has a dovetail neck joint and it’s a standard taper neck. The overall construction applies hand rubbed finish. Therefore, the quality is ensured.

Martin S1 is very easy to tune with the nickel peg tuners. You can experience the gentle bright sound coming from the uke, playing it using the standard Martin strings. 

The Ukulele is durable enough to withstand late-night jams, continuous playing, and many more. Besides, it doesn’t compromise on the sound quality and delivers an accurate, pleasing tune that lights up your mind.


  • Best for smaller hands
  • Works great as a beginner’s Ukulele
  • The dark woody color is so attractive and classic
  • Easy to tune with Nickel peg tuners
  • Easy to carry and play all night


  • Bigger hand people may feel uncomfortable playing this Ukulele.

7. Fender Fullerton Tele Concert Ukulele

Fender Fullerton Tele Concert Ukulele


  • Dimension: 28.1*11.1*3.6 inches
  • Type: Concert Ukulele
  • Built Material: Spruce and Walnut
  • String Material: Nylon
  • Acoustic/Electric: Both

Fender Fullerton Tele Concert Ukulele is a little different than any other ukes on the list here. What makes it individually unique from others is its design and shape. 

At first sight, this uke would seem like a little guitar. But it isn’t so. It is a part of Fender’s new Fullerton series of ukuleles. The body has a nice Butterscotch finish in front, back, and all over.

There is a black pickguard and nice cream-colored binding around the body and the fingerboard. It looks like the guitar type, which is the most attractive attribute of this Ukulele. 

Fender Fullerton Tele Concert Ukulele is constructed with laminated spruce top over the top of laminated mahogany back and sides. It consists of a maple neck with a chunky profile. 

The fingerboard and the bridge are made of walnut, which is close to rosewood. That’s why you feel very comfortable while moving your fingers on the fretboard. 

There’s a set pre-amp to play the acoustic guitar as an electric one. The volume and tune are bright and loud but not screaming. So, you get the fabulous experience of playing and listening to music.


  • The bright and attractive color combination
  • Unique design and shape as a Ukulele
  • It can be used both acoustically and electrically
  • Maple neck with Walnut fingerboard and bridge
  • Easy to carry and play


  • Doesn’t look like a traditional Ukulele

8. KALA Gloss Mahogany KA-8E Tenor Ukulele

KALA Gloss Mahogany KA-8E Tenor Ukulele


  • Dimension: 27.99*10.75*4.02 INCHES
  • Type: Tenor Ukulele
  • Built Material: Mahogany Wood
  • String Material: Aquila Super Nylgut 8 Strings
  • Acoustic/Electric: Both

Every Ukulele player ever has the desire for more volume in that tiny instrument. Kala Gloss KA-8E is there to meet up the wish. It’s an 8-string Ukulele that sounds brighter with more volume.

Although the uke is 8 stringed, which is double than usual, the body is a regular Tenor size and there’s no difference in the shape and weight. That’s why this piece is super easy to carry and handle.

The fingerboard is constructed as usual as a Tenor size uke. Only the head is a bit large for the tuning pegs of the eight strings. 

KA-8E has a Mahogany top, sides, and back with a laminated gloss finish. The neck is made with Mahogany as well, which applies a gloss finish. For the finish, the overall Ukulele looks very professional.


  • 8 strings ensure more volume and better sound quality
  • More qualities but in the regular tenor size
  • Easy to play and handle
  • Larger slotted headstock with tuning pegs
  • Built-in preamp to play electrically


  • Beginner players would find it difficult to play this 8 stings uke

9. Kala KA-EBY-B-CE Baritone Ukulele 

 Kala KA-EBY-B-CE Baritone Ukulele 


  • Dimension: 30*11*3 inches
  • Type: Baritone Ukulele
  • Built Material: Solid Spruce and Ebony
  • String Material: Aquila Super Nylgut 
  • Acoustic/Electric: Both

Kala KA-EBY-B-CE Baritone Ukulele is the best-suited uke for those who’re looking for something in the mid-range. It’s not high-end and also not a cheap ukulele. That’s why it fits perfectly with the demand.

The top of this uke is made with solid Spruce with a cool inlay. It has nice bindings on the sides, which makes this uke more secure. Then, the laminated striped ebony sides and back are there to give you a premium feel.

Spruce construction helps the ukulele pop out the sound a little bit on the instrument, making the sound quality clearer. Again, the Mahogany neck with satin finish is what serves a professional look for this Baritone piece.

You get an overall cutaway design in this Ukulele. To tune it, there are open gear tuners and on the pre-amp, you get both tuner+pick up built in.


  • Solid spruce cutaway body design 
  • Ebony striped sides and back looks premium
  • Open gear tuners for easy tuning
  • The natural cream shade color looks subtle
  • Lightweight yet serves the purpose of a Baritone Ukulele


  • Not a suitable uke for beginners

10. Kala KA-KCGE-C Hawaiian Koa Concert

Kala KA-KCGE-C Hawaiian Koa Concert


  • Dimension: 25.4*11*3.6 inches
  • Type: Concert Ukulele 
  • Built Material: Koa Wood
  • String Material: D’Addario Titanium Strings
  • Acoustic/Electric: Both

Kala KA-KCGE-C is a Concert Ukulele by Kala, one of their most popular models. The body of this piece is made with Koa Wood. That’s why you can rest assured about the uke’s strength and durability.

The overall Ukulele has a glossy finish that makes it look eye catchy. Because of the Koa wood construction, the Ukulele produces a melodious sound that is bright and clear. 

It has got D’Addario Titanium strings and the headstock is slotted with laser etched mother of pearl inlay. The uke is easy to tune and the tuning remains sustainable no matter how long you play it.

There’s a built-in preamp attached to the side of the Ukulele. So, you can play it electrically whenever you want.


  • Classy-looking concert Ukulele
  • Premium finish that gives a professional look
  • Quality strings produce a smoother tune
  • Built-in preamp makes the acoustic ukulele electric
  • Easy to carry and play


  • Unable to produce a deep bass sound

Things To Consider Before Buying A Ukulele

If you’re just starting, you might’ve had different questions like, which are the best ukulele brands, which one is the best for your budget, etc.

Now, let’s discuss a little about what’re the things you should consider while choosing the best Ukulele for you. 

  • Type of The Ukulele

First of all, you need to understand the types of ukuleles. You must choose one depending on what you want. 

You already know the four types of ukuleles. It’s best to start with a Soprano Ukulele. But if you have bigger hands, you can go with a Concert Ukulele. 

If you want a deeper base type sound, you can go with either Tenor or a Baritone Ukulele.

  • Consider Usage

You must know if you’re going to play the Ukulele regularly or occasionally, for a short period or a long. These factors matter a lot in choosing the right Ukulele for you.

If you’re planning on playing and practicing Ukulele regularly, you need something strong that must last long. Besides, it’s required to be easy to play and maintain.

  • Range of Notes

Notes are very important to be played properly to get the best tune from a Ukulele. Your Ukulele should have the standard four strings and must be able to arrange all the chords, both major and minor.

While buying a Ukulele, make sure the strings and the frets are properly placed on the Ukulele. Otherwise, you won’t be able to explore the range of notes while playing it.

  • Space Between Frets

Space between Frets is another vital thing you must check on while choosing the Ukulele for you. Generally, frets are placed with even space in between on the fretboard. 

The space should be wide enough to place one finger. Otherwise, while playing the chords, it’ll be difficult for you to shift your fingers from one fret to another. 

Besides, the space shouldn’t be too broad that it takes more time to shift fingers.

  • Portability

People prefer Ukulele more than Guitar as a stringed instrument because of its portability easiness. But some Ukuleles are too heavy and too big (Mostly Baritone Ukuleles) that you feel discomfort carrying them.

That’s why check on the weight and size of the Ukulele very carefully before buying it. Consider the one on which you can attach a strap for easy carriage.

  • Measure The Size And Your Comfort

Your hand size has a lot to do with selecting your Ukulele. If you’re not comfortable enough to hold your instrument, you won’t be able to play it well. So, you must choose the size that goes comfortably with your hand measurement.

  • Material

In the past, ukuleles were only made of solid wood. But now, you can find plastic or laminated ukuleles as well. However, wooden ukuleles are the best to use.

But plastic ukuleles are also becoming popular in recent times. The purpose of plastic or laminated ukuleles is, that you get the freedom to play beautiful music on a rainy day without the tension of the instrument getting damaged, unlike wooden ukuleles.

  • Price

The ukulele price has an ongoing controversy always. Some claim a cheaper Uke can work as same as a costly one. And some find pricey Ukuleles the best only.

Well, it depends on the fact, what you want specifically. Cheap Ukuleles are mostly made of cheap wood or plastic. They may go well at first, but the high chances are they won’t last for long.

On the other hand, a standard-priced Ukulele or a costly Ukulele may seem like a big unprofitable investment considering the size of the instrument. But, quality speaks out definitely in the long run.

If you’re looking for a standard Ukulele, we suggest you make a budget for your desired Ukulele and don’t fall for the cheaper price tag.

What Size of Ukulele Should You Get?

The size of the Ukulele you should get depends on two factors. One, your playing level, and second, your hand size.

If you’re just starting to play Ukes, the best Ukulele for beginners would be a Soprano Ukulele. Playing a Soprano would be a plus for you as it is the smallest and most basic kind of Ukulele.

But, if you have bigger hands and a Soprano doesn’t suit you, you can start with a Concert Ukulele. Once you reach a professional level, you need to upgrade to a Tenor and, lastly, to a Baritone.

What Accessories Do You Need to Play Ukulele?

Honestly, you don’t need any accessories to play Ukulele. But surely you can use one that won’t affect anything at all.

Players prefer to play Ukes with finger strumming, but a pick can also do the job. Picks are usually found in Guitars. They aren’t so popular in the Uke world; traditionally, ukes are played using fingers. 

If you want, you can get a Ukulele pick. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Besides pick, you can get tuners, an essential accessory for your Ukulele. Get extra strings, a Uke case, and straps for emergencies. 

Ukulele Brands to Avoid

We always talk about the best Ukulele to buy but shouldn’t we be aware of the worst one too? Some brands are making not-so-good Ukulelesbut claim to be the best for publicity.

You must be aware of those. Just stay away from the ukes that promise you extra but come at a low price that you can’t believe. Remember, deserving things require a good amount.

Don’t fall for anything cheap; you’ll repent later on. Still, let’s give you an idea about some brands you should avoid. They’re Kaka, Huawind, ADM, Ammoon, and Viagra.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Which brand of Ukulele is best?

You can’t say about the best brand of Ukuleles because many brands in the market manufacture high-quality ukuleles. Some brands are best at making mid-range ukes, and others are great at producing high-end ones.

So, you must do the market research according to the kind you want. Otherwise, some most popular uke brands are Kala, Martin Guitars, Cordoba Guitars, etc.

  • Which Ukulele sounds best?

As you know, there are basically 4 types of Ukulele. A Soprano Ukulele will give the most ukulele-type sound, which means thinner and brighter. Then, you’ve Concert and Tenor Ukulele. 

These will provide a deeper sound and the Baritone delivers the most base sound. You can choose one according to what kind of tune you want.

  • What ukuleles do professionals use?

If you’re looking for a professional’s suggestion, Kala is a brand that professional ukulele players highly prefer. Other than this, Martin Guitars is the second most demanding. 


Selecting the right Ukulele is necessary if you want to win the crowd with your music. Hope that now you can choose the best Ukulele for you from this review. 

If you’re still in doubt, let yourself clear the confusion with our suggestions. 

In case of beginning to learn the Ukulele, you can consider Martin S1 Acoustic Ukulele because it’s the most basic level uke that’ll help you to understand the instrument easily and quickly.

If you’re looking for something professional looking and bigger than a Soprano, you can go for Kala KA-KCGE-C. Then, if you want something bigger and in mid-range, choose the Makala Baritone Mahogany Ukulele.

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