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Month: March 2019

10 Busking Tips That Will Make You Money

Busking can be a fun way to play music, get outside, and interact with people. It can also be a great way to make money. In the right location, a couple good hours of busking a day can bring in…

Which Tenor Banjo Tuning To Choose

Traditional Tenor Banjo Tuning: CGDA The tenor banjo first gained popularity in jazz. The punchy, loud sound could cut through back in the days before amplification, and provided a nice rhythmic backing to early jazz bands. CGDA tuning is the…

Chieftain High D Whistle Review

The Chieftain “mezzo*” high D whistle is one of the more popular tin whistles on the market. It’s made by Phil Hardy, who also makes the “Kerry” brand low whistles. He learned from the great Bernard Overton, and his early…

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