10 Best Accordions For Different-Level Users

Choosing the right instrument can be a big deal, especially when you’re a beginner. There are thousands of options on the market with appealing advertisements that can make your head spin. I’ll tell you what. We’ve dug deeper for you and made a list of the 10 best accordions for different users. There are best for beginners, best for intermediate players, and the best options for professional users.

So, no matter which category you count yourself in, there’s the right one on our list. We’ve tested so many brands and ended up with these best options. Also, we’ve checked user reviews to know the overall impressions about the accordions. Without wasting another minute, let’s just get to the point now!

10 Best Accordions- A Quick Comparison

If you’re in a rush, look at this ‘best accordion brands’ list to get a quick idea about the products. For further details, keep scrolling down.


Product Name Type Weight Price Range
Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Accordion Diatonic 14 Pounds $600-$700
Hohner Amica Forte IV 96 Accordion Piano 32.9 pounds Over $3,000
Abubu 34-Key Accordion Diatonic 22.2 pounds $700-$800
SofiaMari Mini Traveler Accordion Piano 11.73 pounds Under $350
Rossetti Accordion Piano 32 pounds $700-$750
Hohner Accordions 1304-RED Piano 13 pounds $650-$700
Hohner Corona Xtreme II Accordion Diatonic 10.25 Pounds Over $2,500
Hohner COGR Compadre GCF Accordion Diatonic 16.17 pounds $900-$1,000
Roland FR-1X Premium V-Accordion Piano 15 pounds $2,800 plus
Baronelli Accordion Diatonic 17.11 pounds Under $650

1. Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic AccordionHohner panther


We’re starting the list with a beginner-friendly accordion that’s button-based and easy to play. Hohner is a popular name in the industry that makes both the button and piano accordions. This specific accordion produces clear, loud, and incredibly enjoyable tones.

Let’s turn to the key features now. This accordion has 31 buttons and 12 bass keys with double-strap brackets. Also, there are 2 sets of 12 treble reeds that provide you with a warm and crisp sound. The sturdy and durable material of the product withstands everyday wear and tear.

The product is 14 pounds (light enough). You’ll get the product in a classy, black matte color. This button-based diatonic accordion plays in G, C, and F- these three keys. However, there are other accordions in the same model that play in different three key combinations, so you can always make a choice. You’ll get straps with the product so you can wear the accordion easily. Also, there’s a cleaning cloth, and a Hohner Diatonic Method book included. But it doesn’t come with a carrying bag; you must buy it separately. 

If you are a newbie, use the accordion correctly and carefully to have a longer journey with the product. For example, never set the bellows on your knee or lap, as the friction may wear out the bellows faster than anything.


  • Easy to play and carry
  • Robust construction
  • It’s an ideal choice for all-level of users
  • The improved grate offers a beautifully rich sound
  • Affordable
  • 90-days of warranty


  • Straps might seem a little short, but they’re adjustable
  • No bellow-pad included, which may be annoying for some users

2. Hohner Amica Forte IV 96 Piano Accordion

 Hohner Amica Forte IV 96 Piano Accordion Included Gigbag and StrapsCheck Price On Amazon

And, here’s one of the highest-quality and most expensive (over $3300 accordions on the market. When it’s about reliable design, decent build quality, and useful features of an accordion, Hohner is the first brand name that comes to our mind. This 96 bass, 37 key version of the Amica Forte is an incredible-sounding accordion.

It comes with a cool design with a partially transparent grille. It has four reeds in the treble that creates tunes of Violin, Harmonium, Accordion, Master, Mewsette, Piccolo, Organ, and so on. And there are five reeds in the bass with three registers. The accordion can be heard in a wide range of genres. No matter whether you want to play folk or classical music or rock & pop or whatever you want- the possibilities are endless.

The optimized reed construction in the highs and lows of all choirs ensures you get high dynamics and perfect articulation. And, what we found the best about this product is the keyboards are completely silent!


  • It’s highly durable for the top-notch build quality
  • Adjustable straps and Gigba are included
  • It creates an incredibly rich sound
  • The keyboards are totally noise-free
  • The jet black finish makes it extremely good-looking


  • Expensive


3. Abubu 34-Key Accordion

Abubu 34-Key Accordion GCFCheck Price On Amazon

If you’re new to the music world and want a good-quality accordion under $750, the Abubu 34-key accordion won’t be the wrong choice. It’s a beautiful diatonic button accordion with Italian-style decorations. On the treble side, there are 34 keys, 5 register switches, and 3 sets of reeds. And, on the bass sides, you’ll notice 12 bass buttons and 4 sets of reeds. We (and most users) found the buttons smooth enough and less clicky.

And the acoustically designed grill cloth enhances the overall sound performance. The reeds are 20-fold in size, which ensures bigger sound, and the reinforced corners ensure the longevity of the product.

It comes in elegant blue color and gorgeous design that makes it one of the most common choices as a birthday gift. However, it’s not the most lightweight option; the weight is 22.2 pounds.

A premium hard case is included, so you don’t need to purchase one separately. The adjustable hand and shoulder straps work well and ensure comfort.  


  • An ideal choice for Italian-Style accordion lovers
  • It includes a premium hard case
  • Buttons are noise-free
  • The appearance is very appealing
  • Straps are easy to adjust


  • It’s the most lightweight option

4. SofiaMari Mini Traveler Accordion

 SofiaMari SM2208 Mini Traveler Accordion Package including a Backpack Gig Bag and Shoulder Straps (Red Pearl)Check Price On Amazon

Here’s a small and pretty mini accordion for music lovers who travel a lot. To save your time, this is the cheapest option on our list so if you don’t have high expectations, read on to learn more about the product. It comes with a backpack which you can use to store the accordion. Also, there’s an adjustable strap that’s pretty easy to use and deal with. This mini accordion features 22 oversized keys and 8 bass buttons, and metal Bellow corners.

The best thing is its weight. It weighs only 11.73 pounds which makes it the perfect solution when you need to take your accordion camp, on a picnic, or wherever. The material type of this accordion is metal which is prone to scratch but very easy to clean.

The accordion produces loud music, plus there’s no way to connect your microphone to it. Overall, it can be a nice choice for people who never played accordion because it’s fairly easy to learn.


  • The red pearl finish makes it look elegant
  • It comes at a very affordable price
  • Shoulder straps, and a backpack is included
  • Lightweight, easy to move, and carry


  • The metal body is prone to scratch

5. Rossetti Piano Accordion

Rossetti 3460 34 Keys 60 Bass Piano Accordion with Hard Case and Straps (TIGER)Check Price On Amazon

In case you’ve been looking for a piano accordion instead of a button-based diatonic one, here you go.  Rosetti is a Mexican and Latino-based, old brand (25 years+) in the industry, and it’s a well-known brand for making high-quality accordion and accordion accessories.

It’s one of the most aesthetically appealing accordions on the market, so feel free to choose it as a present. This versatile product offers some professional playing features that include 34 piano keys and 60 bass buttons.

The product has 18-fold bellows. Now, you might guess why the volume range is very high. The sound output makes it a suitable option for performing at concerts. For the included heavy-duty, high-quality leather straps, these accordions weigh more than other options. This particular one is 32 pounds. However, the straps are easily adjustable, so the accordion can be comfortably played regardless of the height differences of the players.

Moreover, there’s a single strap hook on each side of the padded straps, which ensures easier strap attachment. It features 5 switches, including Master, Bassoon, Clarinet, Bandeoneon, and Tremolo. Overall, it provides great sound and decent build quality. Oh, I forgot to mention that it includes a hard case, never mind!


  • Enhanced appearance for the pearlescent finish
  • It comes with extra-long padded straps that are easy to adjust
  • The rubber feet offer stability and secured placement on the ground
  • A hard case with lock and logo are included
  • The enormous bellows create powerful sounds


  • A bit costly for what it is

6. Hohner Accordions 1304-RED

Hohner Accordions 1304-REDCheck Price On Amazon

This nifty accordion is most entry-level users’ preferred choice. If you’re one who wants to practice without hauling out 120 bass behemoths, this one should be your choice. This product has been made with both comfort and high style in mind.

There are 26 treble keys and 48 bass buttons on the accordion. And it’s easy to play as the chord buttons, bass buttons, and treble buttons are very easy to reach. This is why novice users find this finely-crafted instrument easy to handle.

It comes with little soft pockets so you can store odds and ends. The sturdy straps are large enough and adjustable as well. This durable accordion is capable of playing folk songs and classical music. Overall, it’s light, playable, and best of all; the three ‘voices’ are distinct. The reeds are sturdy and air-tight. But the bass is noticeably louder than the treble with these instruments. Also, there are a few fit and quality issues that some users noticed. For example, some found that the strap doesn’t lengthen sufficiently to allow the ideal positioning of the instrument when seated.


  • Perfect choice for intermediate users
  • The double strap brackets provide convenience
  • Mid-priced, lightweight
  • The included backpack makes it easy to carry
  • Its body moves with great agility


  • The straps aren’t always easy to adjust 

7. Hohner Corona Xtreme II Accordion

Check Price On Amazon

Here’s another Hohner accordion that comes with a gorgeous finish with elegant ornamentation. It’s an upgraded version of Hohner Panther. Both of them look almost similar, but the Corona ll has some noticeable advancements, and it costs more eventually. This version is more suitable for professional and advanced players. It has noiseless fingerboard technology, whereas Hohner Panther’s buttons sound clicky.

There are 34 Pearloid treble-side buttons and 12 bass-side buttons. The buttons are more beautiful yet sturdy enough. The item weight is only 10.25 pounds, meaning you’ll find it easy to play and carry from here and there.

The upgraded Ergoline straps are easily adjustable. These higher-quality factors are the reasons for making the accordion more expensive. There are enough colors to choose from- black, red, blue, white, brown, and dark blue. This product is designed to complement Latin folk, but European folk, pop, rock, Americana, and more options are also suitable. So, if you’re a professional musician and demand quality and functionality, you won’t regret purchasing this one.


  • Highly comfortable and adjustable bass strap
  • Noiseless fingerboard technology removes unwanted sounds.
  • Upgraded gig bag and back pad are included.
  • The dynamic action allows you to enjoy easy playing
  • Lightweight and elegant-looking


  • More on the expensive side
  • The straps may have a rubber odor after long-term usage.

8. Hohner COGR Compadre GCF Accordion

Hohner COGR Compadre GCF Accordion, Red & Silver Grille Bundle with Hohner Bag, Strap, Mini Harmonica, Juliet Music Polish Cloth & Piano Key StickersCheck Price On Amazon

The Hohner Compadre accordion is an excellent choice for players at every level. It’s the ideal squeeze box for specifically Latin folk music like Vallenato, Tejana, and Norteno. Also, Americana, European folk styles, rock, and almost everything goes perfectly with the accordion. It’s a push-button diatonic accordion with 31 treble-side and 12 bass-side buttons. And there are two voices per button. Every button has a crisp and rich sound that sings from the rids.

It’s a high-quality, mid-priced accordion that you get by spending under $1,000. However, it’s quite heavier than most options on our list. The item weight is 16.17 pounds, so it’s not the most portable accordion out there.   We found the strap adjustable and comfortable enough. You’ll get a red & silver grille bundle with a Hohner bag, mini harmonica, polish cloth, and piano key stickers with the accordion.


  • An ideal pick for both beginners and advanced users
  • It’s a mid-priced diatonic push-button accordion
  • Gig bag included
  • Elegant-looking accordion in classy red color
  • It complements almost every music style


  • Quite heavy, not so easy to play and carry

9. Roland FR-1X Premium V-Accordion

Roland FR-1X Premium V-Accordion Lite with 26 Piano Keys and Speakers, BlackCheck Price On Amazon

If you’re looking for an accordion with a USB memory port and all the necessary features, read on to finalize your decision. Roland FR-1X is a high-quality and expensive accordion that’s both a beginner-friendly and professional pick simultaneously. Most young players of music studios love this version because of its high-quality sound and portability. This lightweight (15 pounds) accordion is perfect for musicians playing folk, rock, roots-rock, zydeco, blues, and more. This product has so many advancements compared to other products on our list.

You can access more than a dozen different accordion sounds instantly with this product. There are virtual tone wheel organs with realistic rotary effects and even orchestral instruments onboard. The USB memory port lets you easily store data like user programs and upload new sounds (credit goes to the USB flash memory). Besides, you can manage MP3 and wav files with the optional USB flash memory as well.

It works with batteries and with the power adapter too. And, you can plug in headphones that let you practice without annoying anyone at home. But the user manual of the product is in the Japanese language, which makes it useless for a huge number of users.


  • Standard and free bass modes make it a professional-looking instrument having a user-friendly instrument.
  • It offers an advanced musical expression, including onboard manual drum/percussion sounds.
  • The sound generator offers an enhanced response and higher sensitivity to this instrument.
  • Noise-free buttons remove unwanted sounds while playing the accordion
  • The USB memory port lets you store data


  • The user manual should come in the English language
  • Expensive, but the price is worth it

10. Baronelli Accordion

Baronelli Accordion (AC3112G-WH)

And the list will end with Baronelli Accordion, which has a good market price and average quality. If you’re a beginner or an intermediate-level player looking for a button accordion, this one can get your job done perfectly. It doesn’t come with some high-end features, which is natural if you look at the price (under $650). However, you’ll get every necessary feature you might expect from such a product.

There are 31 treble buttons and 12 bass buttons on the accordion. It’s a true diatonic accordion with double reed options. The soft play bellows offer great airflow and high quality of sound.

The pearlescent exterior is excellent to look at. The set of black straps is very useful and adjustable, enabling you to make it comfortable according to your preference. It also includes a hardshell case to carry the accordion without hassle.


  • It’s a true diatonic accordion at an affordable price
  • The soft play bellows allow it to create a rich sound
  • It includes a set of black straps and a hardshell case
  • Attractive appearance
  • A perfect choice for a one-man band or solo player


  • It’s a right-hand push-button accordion, so not the best option for lefty players.



Things to Consider While Buying an Accordion


So, the first thing that matters while choosing an accordion is the type. There are four types of accordions- Piano (illustrated above), Concertina, Diatonic, and Chromatic. Every type has its individual sound and features.

More specifically:

  • The piano type is especially popular with music like jazz, country, and rock. If you have played piano before, you will find things familiar here. You’ll find the treble keyboard on the side of your accordion is designed simply like a piano. And, usually, piano accordions are quite heavier. 
  • On a diatonic accordion, you’ll notice the buttons placed close together. What it means is that you can play faster melodies. Diatonic accordions are mostly used in folk music that gets very dynamic. But the notes are randomly placed, so beginners might find it difficult to master the notes.
  • There are buttons on both the right and left sides of a chromatic accordion. The playability of chromatic accordions is quite similar to the piano accordion but unique to certain cultures. This type is most widely used in Eastern Europe and in Denmark.
  • And the concertina is considered the easiest to play. For this, beginners usually go for this one. It’s a small free-reed instrument and very easy to learn.

Size and Weight

Why size matters is because you’ll want an accordion that perfectly fits your hands. Younger players or kids prefer using the Concertinas as these accordions are smaller than other types. For beginners, it’s always best to start with a lightweight accordion.

When you’re just starting to learn accordion, you won’t want to let the first notes cause you back pain. Once you’re used to dealing with an accordion and you improve your skills, you’ll find it easy to opt for any model with a heavier weight. 10-12 pounds is the right range of weight for a starter. And, more experienced ones or professional players can handle over 30 pounds without that much effort. However, if you go for an accordion that’s too small, this can even be more difficult or uncomfortable to play.

You’ll want the accordion to remain stationary in your hands, and it should easily rest on your lap. In this case, quality back straps also help you keep the accordion in balance.


There is a wide range of different tuning setups that are individually designed to play specific music styles.

Larger accordions have 3-5 voices, whereas smaller versions come with 2-3 voice tuning. Beginners should go for an accordion with two reeds, aka a diatonic instrument. Each reed is tuned to different pitches for each note here. The weight and value of an accordion increase with the number of reeds.


Usually, standard accordions come with 22-45 treble keys with around 185 bass keys. If you’re a beginner, it’s better to start with an accordion having a low number of keys before advancing as you gain better skills. Instruments with a high number of keys are great for advanced players, but that’s not recommended for learners.


It’s not necessary to get a lot of accessories with an accordion, but a case and back straps should be a must-have accessory. As we said before, adjustable straps help keep good balance and posture.

It makes the practices easier for different heights of people. And, a case is crucial for traveling as well as storage. If your accordion doesn’t come with a case, try to buy it separately, and it’s better if the case is ideally waterproof and sturdy enough.

Some advanced models come with additional accessories like back pads, reed wax, electric pickups, stand, gig bags, etc. Try to get as many accessories as you can within the limit of your budget.

New or Second-Hand Accordion? 

Second-hand accordions can be an amazing deal if you can get the right one. Before buying one, get to know the age of that accordion.

Buying really old models isn’t the best decision, and also, make sure you avoid accordions that have visible yellowing on the keyboards. A good appearance indicates a barely used or relatively new accordion, and you can repair the product without spending too much money.

On the other hand, if budget is not your concern, going for a new instrument is always a safer option. In this case, you can consider purchasing a beginner accordion as it tends to be more affordable.

Do’s And Don’ts of Maintaining Your Accordion

Regardless of whether you choose to buy a new or used, big or small, piano or button accordion, you must take enough care of the instrument. Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind every time you deal with the accordion.

  • While cleaning the treble keyboard of your accordion, make sure not to allow moisture to drip down between the keys. Moisture can also make the reeds dusty.
  • Try not to take your accordion in regions of very high or low humidity. Humidity may lead to a crack in different parts of the accordion, and the leather of the straps might denature eventually. This situation can lead your accordion to be slow to reply, or if it gets worse, it can be out of tune.
  • Always store your accordion in a dry place at a medium temperature.
  • Allow your accordion to get exposed to fresh air every once in a while. If you keep the accordion unused for some time, dust can block the bellows and deteriorate afterward.
  • Make sure you get an air-tight and well-constructed case for the accordion. To keep your accordion safe from humidity and salt (damaging stuff for an accordion), purchasing a good-quality case is crucial.
  • Never store your accordion in an attic or basement. The moisture or humidity in the basement can cause expensive damage to your accordion. And attics might have other pests such as small rodents or dust mites that can chew through your instrument.

Frequently Asked Questions

Piano or Button type accordion? Which one should I choose?

Answer: Since both types have individual pros and cons, there’s no straightforward answer to the question. However, button-type accordions are easier to play as the buttons are small enough and close to each other. It offers you to play scales more precisely and much faster. On the flip side, people find it harder to learn the notes of a button accordion as the buttons aren’t placed logically.

And piano accordions are easier to learn, especially for people who played piano beforehand. But these accordions are heavier, and they come with much bigger keys. For this, it’s harder to play far-apart notes, and the accordions can house fewer notes than the button accordions can. Above all, things depend on your capability. If you can master playing any type of accordion, you’ll see how great you do.


How much are accordions, usually?

Answer: The price range of accordions can vary dramatically, like most other instruments. There are accordions under $100 and over $3,000. But we highly discourage you from getting as cheap ones as under $100.

If you’re a beginner, set your budget to $300-$500 at the very least. If budget is not an issue, get one from $700-$1,200. And professional players prefer more expensive ones with uncountable features and high build quality.

What brands make the best accordion?

Answer: This answer has multiple answers based on many factors. But if you prefer a simple answer, it could be Hohner. It’s a great brand that manufactures accordions with quality materials.

The years of experience and high-quality standards in accordion making are reflected in every Hohner instrument. You’ll find differently priced accordions here that offer different features and accessories.

Final Words

That’s all we kept for you about the best accordions on the market. Hopefully, you’ve been able to choose the right accordion for you already. Most accordions on our list have the incredible build quality and overall performance.

Therefore, no matter which accordion instrument you go for, make sure you’re careful enough about the maintenance of your accordion. Otherwise, no instrument will last long.

And, lastly, happy tuning!






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