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Month: April 2019

Top 5 Best Cheap Mandolins

Just because you can spend a lot of money on a mandolin doesn’t mean you have to. In fact, finding a great cheap mandolin is easier than ever. No matter how small your budget, you can find a mandolin that…

Chieftain Thunderbird Low D Whistle Review

The Chieftain Thunderbird is one of the more popular low D whistle models around. It’s designed and built by Phil Hardy, who learned to make low whistles from the inventor of the instrument, Bernard Overton. Hardy has created a fairly…

3 Great Loud High D Tin Whistles

Sometimes, you need a loud tin whistle. Whether it’s a big, noisy session, an outdoor gig, or a busking session, sometimes the volume of a normal tin whistle just doesn’t cut it. That’s where these whistles come in. They’ve been…

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